Ravelry Design Spotlight

With so many lovely designs to chose from on Ravelry, it’s sometimes easy to find yourself getting confused about what to knit.  Like us, we know you probably have a few favourites that you return to time and time again. For this issue we’re thrilled to highlight the In Threes baby cardigan, by Kelly Herdrich. Knitted in worsted weight yarn, this short sleeved cardigan is an extremely popular knit.

Knitted from the top down, the In Threes Bay Cardigan is a lovely little knit for girls from birth to five years. It’s designed to be a loose fitting cardigan and is ideal to layer over long sleeve t-shirts for extra warmth. Its seamless construction does away with the need for sewing up and the capped sleeves and garter stitch stripe pattern are a great design feature.

We caught up with In Threes designer Kelly Herdrich and asked her a few questions about knitting and the In Threes design.

Have you always been a knitter?

My grandmother was crafty and she’d always try to teach me to crochet when I was a kid, but it never stuck. I started knitting in the fall of 2006 after I had my second child and relocated from the US to the UK – all within a few months!  I’d never left the country before on vacation, let alone to live, so it was a major adjustment. A friend invited me to a knit night and I was hooked — it gave me something to do to pass the evenings. I knitted nothing but garter stitch scarves for an entire year, then attempted a hat, some fingerless gloves, and a cabled sweater, in that order, as you do!

So you’re a self-taught knitter and designer?

I learned primarily from friends and online videos. In fact, I only started designing because I couldn’t manage to knit a single pattern exactly as written!  I was always modifying, changing, re-working, and re-imagining every pattern I attempted.  Or I’d like a different stitch in a basic sweater design, so I’d use that instead.  Eventually I was making so many modifications that I realised I wasn’t starting with a pattern at all.  At the urging on my local knitting group, I started keeping track of what I was doing when I knit something new.  In Threes: a baby cardigan is the fruit of one of those first attempts at designing.

So what inspired you to design In Threes?

I was pregnant with my third daughter and back in the States.  I wanted basic, seamless, quick, wearable, and personal.  Since I was having my third daughter, three garter stitch stripes seemed the simplest solution.  The addition of the garter stripes at the bottom and under the arms added that little bit of texture and interest that I found myself drawn to when selecting patterns to knit.

Why do you think it has stayed so popular today?

I’ve continued designing though it’s not as regular now that we’ve done another overseas tour and started to homeschool the girls.  In Threes is still my most popular pattern.  I owe most of its success to an unexpected blog post by popular blogger Amanda Soule (soulemama) in 2010.  Bloggers loved her pictures and her review of the garment, which she’d found simply through searching Ravelry.  From that moment on, In Threes became a hit, at least for this self-taught designer.  I have felt truly blessed by its success, and have never taken her blog post, or Ravelry, for granted for even a moment.

A little In Threes Trivia for you

  • There are approximately 7,000 In Threes projects listed on Ravelry at the moment.
  • The pattern is available in English and French.
  • The buttonholes as set out in the pattern are technically on the wrong side for a little girl.
  • Unsurprisingly, pink is the most popular colour to knit an In Threes Cardigan in, closely followed by purple.
  • The design lends itself well to being knit with handspun yarn (have a look at the examples here).
  • Malabrigo yarn in their Merino Worsted base is the most popular yarn to knit an In Threes cardigan with.

Like us, we know you love having a look at other makers’ projects and because the In Threes is such a popular knit, there are so many different ones to see.

It was lovely to chat with Kelly about her In Threes design and we’ve really enjoyed spending a little time looking at everyone’s versions in more detail.

Kelly has given us a very generous 50% off discount code to pass on to you, our lovely readers, for use against any of her paid for designs, via Ravelry.

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