2 08, 2017

Yarnfolk Festival of Wool 101

Having received a good few queries about the up and coming Yarnfolk Festival of Wool, we thought we’d put together a little post with all the things you need to know. […]

24 07, 2017

Book Review – Lost in the Woods

Lost in the Woods, a knitwear collection, is the brainchild of Julia Günther aka Assel Knits and the collaboration of three talented designers; Robynn Weldon, Emily K. Williams and Julia herself. […]

18 07, 2017

Knitting groups: aren’t they great?

The benefits of knitting and knitting groups have been well documented. Both Lora and I are firm believers in the positive effects of being part of a knitting group – our own group has been meeting every Wednesday evening [...]

4 07, 2017

Yarn Review – Colourful Yarn Cakes

You can’t have failed to have noticed the latest trend taking the yarn industry by storm – yarn cakes, colour cakes, wool cakes, whatever you want to call them, they are well worth a closer [...]

15 06, 2017

The Big Knit – deadline fast approaching

Most of us will be familiar with the teeny knitted hats sitting atop bottles of innocent smoothies that appear in supermarkets around the country during the winter months. The Big Knit campaign, run by innocent Ireland, to knit these [...]

7 06, 2017

Yarn Review – Wendy Wash Knit

I confess I wasn’t completely sure what to make of the Wash Knit yarn from Wendy when it arrived through the door. Fortunately though, I watched Amber, aka The Yarnhoarder, singing the praises of crochet [...]

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