Ikea Regolit Pendant Lampshade Hack

Breathing new life into an old paper lantern lampshade

If you haven’t realised it yet, I love to upcycle, repurpose and reuse everyday items. It’s something I’ve always done, long before upcycling became a buzz word and anybody had even heard of the term ‘shabby chic’. Need is the mother of invention and I’ve never had so much money, that I could easily cast something aside.

So it’s for some time now that I’ve been looking at my Ikea Regolit Pendant Lampshades thinking it’s high time, I splurge and buy some new ones. The damp old farmhouse I lovingly call home is not the ideal place for anything paper, or white for that matter. Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not so frugal that it’s the cost of a new lampshade, that’s the issue (they’re only €2.50 each); ore so it’s the trip to Ikea and the unnecessary ‘must have’ items, I’m sure to pick up whilst visiting.


To upcycle your lampshade you will need

  • Sari material scraps, mine came from Feltcreative.co.uk
  • Lace off cuts, light mesh net.  I’ve even used some of the lace from one of those scarf yarns that were popular a couple of years ago.
  • PVA Glue
  • Old paint brush
  • Scissors

I also used a tub to mix my glue in, a bucket to stand my lampshade in, newspaper to cover the table and wool, so I could hang it to dry.

  • Give your fabric a quick iron.
  • Cut out patches. There is no need to be too particular about the size or shape, in fact it will look better the more random your fabric is.
  • Water down your pva to make it thinner.  Mine was about 50% glue, 50% water.  Be sure to stir it thoroughly.  Give your lampshade a good brush down
  •  Begin by brushing on a little of the glue and attach your first square of material.

Note:  As the lampshade is made from very thin paper, it is advisable not to put too much glue on at one time, or else the paper will get soggy and may collapse.

Continue working down around your lampshade in strips as far down as you can.

Leave to one side to dry.  I tied some scrap yarn to the top an hung mine up outside.

Once dry, cover the remainder of the shade and leave to dry overnight.

Paint the whole lampshade with the watered down pva again and leave to dry.