Craft Make

A quick and cute bird feeder upcycled from tea cup and saucer

We love nothing better than watching wildlife potter around the garden. We always have bird food lying around but we wanted something a little bit fancier than a net. Enter stage left a pretty teacup and saucer set that would make an elegant bird feeder.

For the bird feeder, you’ll need:

  • A teacup and saucer
  • Contact adhesive
  • Large paperclips (or a length of link chain)

Step 1: For this bird feeder, we’re going to set the teacup on its side and use the handle for hanging it. So you will apply the adhesive to the side of your cup and also to the well in the saucer where the teacup typically sits.

Step 2: Hold the two surfaces together until the adhesive has set and you’re happy it’s firm.

Step 3: Link your paperclips together to form a chain. Thread through the teacup handle and then complete the chain by linking the clips together. Hang the bird feeder from a cup hook in your garden.

Step 4: Add bird feed to the teacup and around the saucer. Invite all the neighbourhood birds around for some afternoon tea!