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Olann and magazine

Olann and is Ireland’s first dedicated fibre and craft magazine. With Olann and we want to highlight Ireland’s rich craft scene, from knitting and crochet to tapestry weaving and embroidery. Each issue is packed full of patterns, features, reviews and craft makes. This quarterly magazine was founded in November 2015 by Lora Millar and Deirdre McArdle.


Lora Millar

Lora Millar is a former local yarn shop owner. She closed her yarn shop, Knit, after 10 years in business to concentrate on new ventures and family.

Describing herself as obsessed by fibre, Lora’s mission in life is to feed her addiction with all aspects of fibre crafting including spinning, weaving, knitting and crochet. Lora loves passing on her knowledge and particularly loves working with children, hoping to spark their interest. Lora lives in Lismore with her ever-suffering hubby Con, three children Dina, Durahn and Kye, and their four dogs. Contact Lora at lora@olannand.ie or follow her on Facebook, her blog and Ravelry where she is known as Leftfootdaisy.


Deirdre McArdle

Deirdre McArdle is a former technology journalist, and is currently working as a copywriter. Deirdre and Lora met at the Knit Midleton knitting group, which was held weekly at Lora’s yarn shop, Knit.

Over the past 10 years Deirdre has built up a massive stash of yarn that has invaded every nook and cranny of her house. Aside from knitting and occasionally crocheting, Deirdre loves sewing, paper craft and more recently, embroidery. Deirdre lives in Midelton with her husband and two dogs and has an unhealthy obsession with Pinterest and the correct use of the apostrophe. Contact Deirdre at deirdre@olannand.ie or follow her on Twitter, Pinterest and Ravelry.

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