Crafty Makes – God’s Eyes

God’s Eye Decorations

I’ve lost count of the number of God’s eyes I’ve made or helped make over the years  They are a great craft to make with kids and adults alike, perfect for using up scrap yarn, pretty ribbons and embroidery thread.  I’ve even made some in the past with grasses and flowers from the garden ( no surprises there)

God’s Eye is the more commonly known name for an Ojo de Dios, which is an ancient cultural symbol, made by the Huichoi Indians of Mexico and the Ymara Indians of Bolivia. In Mexico, The central eye is made when a child was born and a bit of yarn is added every year until the child turns five and the Ojo was complete.


To make the crosses you can use one of the following:-

  • Bamboo skewers
  • Lolly Sticks
  • Twigs
  • Cocktail sticks

To decorate them you’re going to need:-

  • Yarn
  • Ribbon
  • Embroidery thread

To finish the decoration you’re going to need:-

  • A darning/embroidery needle

1♥  Using two of your sticks make a cross, if they are lolly sticks you can use a dab of PVA glue to secure them.

2♥ Join your cross by tying a knot diagonally across the sticks.  Do not worry if the sticks close on themselves as you should be able to separate them.

This is the most fiddly part of the process, if you are making the eye’s with little people, you might want to do this bit for them.

3♥  To begin the ‘eye’, wrap the yarn diagonally around the centre of the cross to make an X shape.

I work two wraps either side, but you can do as many as you want

4♥  To fill your eye, begin by taking your yarn over and then under any one of the four sticks.

5♥  Keeping the yarn loose take it across and over the next stick to the right.  Keep going until you have done this to each of the remaining sticks, coming back to the one you started with.

6♥  Continue to work around the cross, ensuring each wrap, sits close to the last one.  Keep working around the cross until you want to change colours, finishing on the stick you started with.

7♥  To finish, snip the yarn and with a needle sew the end into the back of your work.

8♥  Join in your next colour, knotting it to one of the sticks either side of the one you began with last time.  Work as before, changing your colour when you feel like it.

Your eye will look more balanced if you stagger the stick you begin with each time.

Handy Tip

If the back of your eye isn’t going to be seen, do not cut the shorter end of yarn when you make your first knot.  Wrap the yarn around the cross as instructed, finishing on the same stick that you began with and knot both ends together.  Snip any extra length off.

9♥  Continue adding yarn and changing colours as often as you like.

10♥  If you’re eye is for hanging, you can thread a piece of yarn through the back of the back and tie it into a knot.  Pull the loop round so that the knot is hidden behind the eye.

You can make your eyes any size you like and with as many sticks as you want, although they do get a little more fiddly the more you use.

Mini ones, Christmas ones and even giant ones to decorate the outside of your house, or run down farm building.