Podcast Reviews

Podcast Reviews

We highlight some of our favourite knitting and crafty podcasts


We’ve been listening to the bi-weekly podcast from Nadia of Cottage Notebook since last October when we crossed paths with Nadia at a Woolly Wormhead workshop in This is Knit. At the time of this review there were nine episodes and each is around the 40-50 minute mark.

The Cottage Notebook podcast focuses on knitting and gardening, and since Nadia’s first interview with Woolly Wormhead in episode 4, it’s featured regular interviews with lovely people from the knitting community both in Ireland and elsewhere.

We love Nadia’s chatty style. It’s like we’re sitting there with her having a cup of tea. Her interviews are well researched and it’s clear she’s passionate about knitting and interested in her interviewees. Through listening to her interviews you get a sense of the people she’s talking to and you can learn a great deal in a short space of time.

The podcast is equal parts gardening and knitting. The gardening segments are fun and informative, and we love hearing about Nadia’s adventures in her garden with her two young children. There’s a warmth and familiarity to the podcast that we love, and as it’s an audio podcast it’s a nice listen for when you’re on your commute home or stuck in traffic.

Cottage Notebook is available on iTunes, Stitcher and Player FM.


We love Johanna’s podcast and confess to being slightly in awe of her English and the amount of knitting she gets through between episodes.  Johanna lives in Guttenberg, Sweden and has been podcasting for almost a year now. Johanna learnt to knit and crochet as a child and made a couple of hats when she was 14, but became completely bitten by the knitting bug again in 2013.

If you’re like us and love seeing the projects other makers are working on, you’ll love Johanna’s podcast. She is a prolific knitter and the variety of projects she has made and showed on the podcast are incredibly inspiring.

Johanna often knits with Drops yarn, which is a little refreshing and more suited to many of our budgets. We’re champions of handdyed, luxury, but accept and fully appreciate that there is a much greater cost involved to knit anything larger than a pair of socks or small shawl.  However, Johanna, like the rest of us, is also partial to something a little more special and as she lives in Sweden, we also get to see yarns from companies more well-known there.

Pop over and give Johanna’s podcast a go and be sure to check out her finished garments on her Ravelry projects page. We’re particularly smitten with her version of the Large Lace Collar by Karin Ivarsson and her own design, the Hemma Socks, which is free to download.

You’ll find Johann on Ravelry as Johizzle, on Instagram as Johizzley and she has an Etsy shop, where she sells stitch markers and her handdyed yarn and fibre.  Show notes can be found on Johanna’s blog acraftingexperiment.com.


Michael Harrigan is a knitwear designer based in Bangkok, Thailand. Originally from America, Michael designs for men, women and their pets.  Around the age of 10, Michael taught himself to knit, crochet and tat, but apart from making a couple of wearable pieces in the 1980s, he didn’t get hooked on knitting until around 2012. Since then Michael has been experimenting with stitch patterns and creating designs.

On his blog, This Man Knits, Michael posts handy tips about knitting, photos and details of his current designs and chats about his current WIPs.  Michael is passionate about knitting lace and many of his designs feature beautiful lace details.  Michael has over 50 designs under his belt, including scarves, shawls, wraps and bandanas.

More recently, Michael has discovered a love of Fairisle Knitting, so it will be interesting to see if it begins to feature in any future designs.

You can find Michael’s designs on Ravelry, he also sells finished handknits in his Etsy Shop.

Will we let you into a secret?  You have to promise not to tell anyone though?

Michael has designed something lovely for the next issue 😉


Amber Lindermann, aka The Yarn Hoarder, is an absolute pleasure to watch. Don’t just take our word for it though, with approximately 10,000 subscribers to her YouTube channel, it’s obvious we’re not alone in our fandom.

Amber is a prolific knitter, and we do mean prolific. She also crochets, spins, weaves and quilts and like a lot of us, struggles to find the time to do everything she enjoys. The episodes are filmed in Amber’s craft room, with her wall of yarn behind her.  Green Eyed Monster warning, Amber’s wall of yarn is stunning, amazing, jaw dropping and will most likely have you drooling.  The great thing about seeing all the yummy yarn is that you find yourself inspired to use different colours, not necessarily in your comfort zone.

Amber lives in South Central Illinois with her husband Rick, son RJ, daughter Heidi and their two cats and two dogs (be sure to search the hashtag #kevintheskank for a few giggles). Amber podcasts on a fortnightly basis and runs through her FOs, HOs, WIPs, occasional purchases and often there are giveaways. Interestingly, she usually includes a themed section as well. All of these are extremely informative and to date the subjects have included sock blanks, dish scrubbies, felted slippers, wool dryer balls, wool was and wool blankets.

Amber is fun and unashamedly addicted to crafting.  She comes across as a warm, friendly lady, with a gorgeous giggle.

There is a Yarn Hoarder Ravelry Group, where you can also find the notes for each episode.