Spring Awakenings Phone Cosy

Spring Awakenings Phone Cosy

Designed by Aoibhe Ni Shuilleabhain, this lovely little phone cosy is the perfect project for beginners to try their hand at.



4Ply/Fingering weight Yarn with extension (see notes) 70 metres/77 yards

plus scraps of 4ply/fingering weight yarn in green, lilac, white and yellow for cross stitching.

Shown In: 

Drops Baby Merino – 17 Beige (50 g = 175 metres/191 yards, 100% wool plus random 4ply/fingering weight scraps

Hook: 4mm/US G/6

Notions: Yarn needle, one button


22 sts x 24 rows of TSS in 4 in / 10 cm


Finished cosy will fit a phone measuring 85mm x 160 mm, with some generous wiggle room in either direction.

If your phone is much bigger or smaller, simply add or subtract chains and rows in multiples of two to alter the fit.

Click here for Standard Crochet Abbreviations

TSS:  Tunisian Simple Stitch  (see pattern for instructions)


Make 34 chain.

How to work Tunisian Simple Stitch

Foundation Row.

  1. Push hook into the second chain from hook, YO and draw a loop through chain. (2 loops on hook)
  2. Proceed to next chain along, push hook into it, YO and draw a loop through. (3 loops on hook)
  3. Continue gathering loops in this manner until every chain has been used, and your hook has 34 loops on it.
  4.  YO and pull through loop nearest hook’s head.
  5. *YO and pull through two loops* repeat until only one loop remains on hook.

Your Foundation Row is complete.

When working TSS, you will always have the RS facing you. Do not turn your work.

Looking at your fabric, you will see 32 vertical lines down its length (don’t count the one on the extreme right.) These are the loops we will work into to make our second row of TSS.

Note: Each row of Tunisian crochet has two passes, a Forward Pass and a Return Pass. Once both are complete, the row is done.

Row 2

Forward Pass:

Slide hook through the vertical bar closest to hook, YO and draw a loop back through the bar. (2 loops on hook)

Proceed to the next bar along, slide hook through it, YO and draw a loop back through the bar (3 loops on hook)

Continue gathering loops in this manner until there are 33 loops on hook, then push hook through the loose loop at the top left corner of the fabric, YO, and draw up one, final loop onto hook. (34 loops on hook)

Note: if you have difficulty finding this loose corner loop, pinch fabric and pull out towards the top left corner. The last strand of yarn in your fingers as you pinch and pull is the loop in question.

Return Pass:

YO and pull through loop nearest hook’s head.

*YO and pull through two loops* repeat over and over until only one loop remains on hook.

Rows 3 – 36; Repeat entirety of Row 2.  (You’ll have made 66 passes)


Work a row of dc sts along length of last TSS row, working the hook for beginning of each dc st into next vertical bar along. Then, add 2 dc into loop at far left corner, twist work 90o clockwise, and run a row of dc sts along loose loops on top of fabric.

Bind off and leave a long tail for seaming.

There is no need to worry if your fabric curls easily. This is natural for Tunisian crochet, and won’t be a problem once the cosy is seamed up.

Cross Stitch Instructions

As each Tunisian Simple Stitch works up into an almost perfect square, it can be used easily as a cross stitch medium. Use each Tunisian Simple Stitch as one cross stitch space.

Following the chart, work cross stitch pattern onto Right Side of fabric.

Seam up cosy using the long tail and a top stitch.

Finally, locate seam side of opening, count forward 8 sts and attach yarn to 9th.  Make 8 chain stitches, 1 ss into 10th st space.

Bind off and sew ends in.

Fix button in place on other side of cosy.

Click here for a print friendly version of the pattern.


Aoibhe Ni Shuilleabhain is an Irish crochet designer with a special focus on Tunisian crochet. Aoibhe has been published many times in magazines, she teaches regularly in local yarn shops in Dublin, and is currently writing her second ebook of Tunisian lace shawl patterns, entitled Legendary Shawls 2.

You can find Aoibhe on Instagram as @aoibheni and AoibheNi on Ravelry.