Crafty make: Beer can succulents

If we’ve learned anything from the upcycling revolution, it’s that anything can be a plant pot. From wellies, to colanders, we’re now potting our favourite plants into all manner of receptacles. Here are my latest unusual plant pots.

As you probably know by now, my husband is an avid home brewer. In issue 6 of Olann and I used some of his used grains to make delicious doggy biscuits for our two Yorkies. And now I’ve found another way to exploit his hobby. I watched with interest the fantastic beer cans he was picking up from the local off licence. For microbreweries, these cans have become a way to stand out and so we’re seeing serious dedication to the artwork.

I simply couldn’t throw them away so I decided to turn them into pot holders for some succulents. Here’s how I did it.

colourful beer cans

I washed out the cans and set about removing the top. Using an old-skool can opener I pinched the top of the can, as if I was going to open it but without turning the cog. As you can see I made a cut in the top of the can.

I then continued to make these cuts all the way around the can one at a time with the same pinching action.

Once I reached the other side, the top of the can dropped into the can itself. Be careful fishing it out. While the pinching action didn’t produce any sharp edges for me, you still need to watch your fingers, just in case.

Next I pierced a hole in the bottom of the can for drainage.

I added some peat to the can through the top opening. I filled it maybe three quarters of the way. I then added my succulent, being careful to bed it in firmly.

Tah dah! One super cool succulent planter!

succulent in a beer can