Book Review: A Row by Roe Adventure

We take a look at a wonderful little book by Lisa Smyth of Limavady yarn shop Row by Roe. The book is aimed at young knitters and involves an adventure and a colourful scarf pattern.

You might remember Lisa’s shop Row by Roe from our March 2017 issue. The lovely sign above the door features a cute little character called Nellie, and Nellie is the star of Lisa’s book.

Nellie can be a bit forgetful. Everywhere she visits she seems to leave something behind, whether it’s her knitting bag, or her keys, it’s always something. But in this adventure Nellie is in real trouble, she has a special customer order to knit – a scarf – and she can’t find all the woolly bits and bobs she needs to make it. She must have left them somewhere on her travels. But the scarf needs to be finished by Monday!

In this wonderfully illustrated little book, we follow Nellie as she tries to retrace her steps around the Roe Valley to find her knitty essentials and get that scarf finished.

As well as a lovely little story and trip through the various touristy places to visit in the Roe Valley, Lisa also gives us a beginners scarf pattern complete with detailed ‘how to knit’ instructions. This is a great idea for getting youngsters into knitting, as they knit-a-long with Nellie. The FO is a super colourful scarf complete with pompoms – what more could you want!

A Row by Roe Adventure is available to buy on the Row by Roe website for £7.99. It would make a lovely little stocking filler for the young knitter in your life!