Crafty Makes – T-shirt yarn

T-Shirt Yarn

Upcycle your old t-shirts into some yarn for crochet and knitting.


Making t-shirt yarn couldn’t be easier. All you need is: 

  • Old t-shirts
  • Scissors

Lay your t-shirt out flat. You will essentially be creating a tube of fabric so to start you will cut across the body of the t-shirt a inch or so underneath the sleeves.

Next, you will need to remove the hem. To do so, simply cut across the body of the t-shirt again, this time a few centimetres above the bottom hem.

You now have your tube of fabric. Rotate the fabric until the sides are at the top and bottom and the openings are at the side.

Now the fun begins! Decide how thick you want your strips of fabric to be. As a guide, I’ve made mine roughly around 1inch thick. Starting at the bottom, begin cutting your 1 inch-strips, stop cutting around an inch before the top of the fabric. Continue to cut your strips until you reach the edge of your fabric.

Once you’ve finished cutting your strips you will still have a tube of fabric, albeit with regular 1 inch-incisions.

This is where it gets slightly tricky to explain. For the next part you will need to make a diagonal cut across the gap in the incisions. Please do not make vertical cuts as this will simply create multiple rounds of fabric; you want a continuous strip of fabric. Starting at the outside edge, make a diagonal cut upwards and to the right. Continue making these right diagonal cuts, until you come to the other edge, then simply make a right diagonal cut to the far edge of the fabric.

To make the fabric more yarn like, you need to give it a little stretch. Bit by bit, move along your strip of fabric, pulling the fabric slightly to make it curl in on itself.

Ta dah! You now have a ball of t-shirt yarn, ready for that next project. And it hasn’t cost you a penny!