Crafty Makes – Festive Doggy Bandanas

Festive Doggy Bandanas

Here’s a quick and cute little make for the doggies in your life. A festive doggy bandana to get your pets into the Christmas spirit.


To make the Festive Doggy Bandana you will need

  • Coloured sheets of felt
  • Bandana template (PDF)
  • Shiny thread
  • Regular thread
  • Needle
  • Scissors
  • Pins

Cut out your template and pin it to your felt. Cut around the template. For those using fabric, cut around the lines on the template and fold the seams on the dotted lines. For those using felt, cut around the dotted lines. This template is designed for a small to medium sized dog.

Fold down the top of the felt and sew it in place. This will be where you feed you dog’s collar.

To add a little bit of festive cheer, you can embroider some Christmasy symbols onto your bandanas. We’ve added a flurry of snowflakes to one and a Christmas tree to another.

And there you have it, snazzy festive bandanas for your dogs.