How to finish off an embroidery project in a hoop

How to finish off an embroidery project in a hoop

Typically, embroidery hoops were used to simply keep fabric taut for stitching, but more and more we’re seeing finished embroidery pieces displayed in their hoops. Here’s how to finish off your embroidery project neatly for keeping it in the hoop.

For those of you who watch the Olann and podcast you’ll have seen in the last episode my very first embroidery project. I found some leftover (unused would be more accurate) denim fabric and used satin stitch to make some heart shapes, and back stitch for twisty vines and for the word ‘Mom’ (it was a Mother’s Day gift). It’s a little shaky as I mainly worked freehand, but I was delighted with the look of it.

Then I turned it around. As you can imagine, the back of the piece was open, which meant that the back side of the stitches were visible. I needed to clean it up but I wasn’t sure where to start. I decided to put the question out on Twitter and the lovely Angela of Cover Story UK gave me her solution.

She suggested using a running stitch to gather the loose fabric. Then I cross-crossed the thread, creating a sort of web to hold the fabric in place. I then cut a separate piece of complementary fabric a few millimetres smaller in diameter than the hoop. After pressing the fabric, I sewed it to the fabric at the back of the hoop using a running stitch. As you can see this creates a neat and tidy finish.

I was thrilled with the final piece. My mother loved it too and promptly hung it on her wall.

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