26 02, 2017

Recycled Magazine Mirror Revamp


Recycled Magazine Mirror Revamp What happens when you take a couple of old magazines, glue and a pair of scissors? When thinking about something to do as a crafty make for each issue, [...]

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26 02, 2017

Crafting in Co. Clare


Crafting in Co. Clare We delve into indie dyeing and vegan felting with our columnist Jennifer Lienhard of Woolfinch Studios I’ve been busy over the last couple of months designing our very own [...]

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26 02, 2017

Ravelry Design Spotlight


Ravelry Design Spotlight With so many lovely designs to chose from on Ravelry, it's sometimes easy to find yourself getting confused about what to knit.  Like us, we know you probably have a few favourites that you [...]

Ravelry Design Spotlight2017-06-05T15:58:47+00:00
24 02, 2017

Picnic in the Fields


Picnic in the Fields Picnic in the Fields is a fun quirky knit, inspired by the beautiful Daisy Chain Yarn from Knit Collage.  This superchunky tea cosy will knit up in next to no time and looks [...]

Picnic in the Fields2017-06-05T15:59:47+00:00
22 02, 2017

Washi Tape Bookmarks


Craft Make An easy, kid-friendly paper craft project We love finding quick and easy crafting projects that are perfect for keeping the kids occupied for an afternoon. This simpe paper craft project makes [...]

Washi Tape Bookmarks2017-06-05T16:00:25+00:00
22 02, 2017

Olann and Loves


Olann and Loves A collection of beautiful, quirky and useful crafts and kits from Ireland and around the world that caught our eyes Eco Mutt Natural Stuff for Dogs & Dog Lovers [...]

Olann and Loves2017-06-05T16:01:24+00:00
22 02, 2017

Podcast Reviews


Podcast Reviews We highlight some of our favourite knitting and crafty podcasts COTTAGE NOTEBOOK PODCAST We've been listening to the bi-weekly podcast from Nadia of Cottage Notebook since last October [...]

Podcast Reviews2017-06-05T16:02:17+00:00
22 02, 2017

Book Reviews


Book Reviews We take a look at some knitting and crafting books Rag Rugs, Pillows, and More Over 30 ways to upcycle fabric for the home By Elspeth Jackson Price - £12.99 IBAN - [...]

Book Reviews2017-06-05T16:03:04+00:00
22 02, 2017

Yarn Reviews


Yarn Review We review a range of warm and cosy yarns in aran weight and above There's nothing like a handmade garment to keep you warm and cosy.  Whether knitted or crocheted, being [...]

Yarn Reviews2017-06-05T16:03:48+00:00
21 02, 2017

The Patchwork Diaries


The Patchwork Diaries We go on a patchwork adventure with our new columnist Aine Foley of Lismore Quilt Co. There is a touch of spring in the air. The crocuses are out and [...]

The Patchwork Diaries2017-06-05T16:04:28+00:00
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