Get Your Knits Out and Join Our Knocker-A-Long

Fancy putting your knitting and crochet skills to good use?  We’re hoping to encourage as many of you as possible to get involved in our Knocker-A-Long

We’ve already told you in 2016, about the wonderful work the Knitted Knocker organisation does in helping women who have undergone mastectomies or lumpectomies.  For those of you who missed it our post is here, but just to give you a quick recap: The campaign was founded by Barbara Demorest in 2011.  A knitted knocker is a special handmade breast prosthesis, that unlike traditional breast prosthesis isn’t expensive, heavy and it doesn’t leave the wearer feeling uncomfortable or sweaty.  Made by volunteers, they are given free of charge to women who have undergone mastectomies or lumpectomies.

As many of you probably noticed, we highlighted the cause again a couple of weeks ago for our regular Throwback Thursday social media post?  As is often the case with Deirdre and I, we joked about having a Knocker-A-Long and were thrilled with the response we received from our fellow makers.

Spurred on by this we’ve decided to throw caution to the wind, get our knits out and launch the Olann and Knocker-A-Long.

Knitter Knockers is a worldwide organisation, with chapters in many countries and as our readership is international, we’d like to encourage everyone to get involved.  You’ll find links to the American Knitted Knocker groups here and the international ones here.

Knitted Knockers 101

  • You can knit knockers on straight needles or in the round on DPNs or circulars.
  • You can crochet knockers.
  • There is a list of different patterns available in English here.
  • Here you will find a list of international patterns including ones in Dutch, French, French Canadian, German, Indonesian, Japanese, Spanish and Swedish.
  • Soft cotton yarn is the preferred yarn for making knockers with, although ones made using acrylic yarn are ideal for women to wear when they swim because they dry quicker.
  • This page includes links to lots of useful information, including a list of approved yarn, the list includes yarns readily available everywhere.
  • The Knitted Knockers YouTube channel has lots of videos to help you create the perfect knocker.
  • Here in Ireland, knockers should be unstuffed. Sew any seams and leave a long yarn tail.  Please check if this is the case where you live.
  • There is a list of locations where you can drop off your knitted Knockers in Ireland here, but you can also drop them off to either of us in Lismore or Midleton. Failing that you can post them to us if it’s easier and we will forward them on to the relevant people. Our address is as follows: Heskins Farmhouse, Deerpark, Lismore, Co. Waterford, P51R272
  • Request for knockers made in neutral shades are most often received, but if you have bright yarn that you want to use up, you can always use it to make the back of the knocker. If you want to use up yarn from your stash and all you have is bright, we’re sure there’s a lady out there that will love it.
  • Knockers are made in cup sizes and are most requested in sizes C and up. In Ireland, we know that they currently have enough pairs available in a B cup. Why not check with your local organisation to double check if they are running particularly short on certain sizes before you cast on.
prizes for the olannand knocker-a-long

Just a selection of the prizes we’ve gathered together and we’ll be adding more as the Knocker-A-Long progresses

Olann and Knocker-A-Long Information

  • The Olann and Knocker-A-Long will run from today until December 18th – although knowing us it could end up going on for longer.
  • Please make pairs of knockers and follow the 101 instructions.
  • We will open two threads in our Ravelry Group, one for chatter and one for FOs.
  • The Knocker-A-Long is open to everyone. To qualify, you only need to be a member of our Ravelry Group.
  • We’ll draw winners from both threads regularly, so the more you get involved the more you’re likely to bag some swag.
  • If you want to tag us in on social media, we’re using the hashtag #knockeralong