Crafty Makes – Mini Nature Loom

Mini Nature Loom

The Nature Loom we featured in our July 2016 Issue has been one of the most popular crafty makes we’ve made for the magazine and while the loom itself wasn’t too complicated to build, it is a little on the big side for lots of people.  So we wanted to show you a more accessible version, that’s great for crafting with little people too.


To make the mini nature loom you will need
  • Branch with a fork in it (trimmed)
  • Cotton yarn or string
  • Scissors
  • Raffia
  • Flowers, leaves and grasses

You can use ribbons, yarn, strips of paper or material in your loom as well.

Creating the warp

Attach yarn to one side, knot in place.

Wrap yarn over and under the opposite fork twice.

Take the yarn back to the first branch and wrap over and under twice.
Note: Try to keep your yarn taut.
Repeat the last two steps wrapping your yarn backwards and forwards until all but 1inch/2.5cm of the branch remains.
Knot yarn tightly to one side of the branch and trim ends.
This completes your warp.

Creating the weft

Weaving up and under your warp run a length of raffia down one side of the warp and up the other.

Begin filling the warp in with grasses and flowers.

You can see in the photos that I started by weaving in some grasses.

Fill in with flowers until you’re happy with the result, trimming any stalks that are protruding.

To display, tie some invisible thread or fishing wire at each end.