Olann and Loves

Olann and Loves

A collection of beautiful, quirky and useful crafts and kits from Ireland and around the world that caught our eyes

Heather Honey Store – Stitch Markers


Less than a few months old, the Heather Honey Store is a new venture for Sonya, who from as far back as she can remember has loved crafting.  Sonya has tried her hand at everything from beading and sewing to making candles, but regardless of what she tried, it would only be a short time before she moved onto the next craft.  All of this changed when she got married and honeymooned in Iceland, where everyone knits; so much so, that you can buy yarn in the supermarket along with your bread and milk.

Having knitted her first Lopapeysa, Sonya was hooked and as her knitting improved so to did her love for high quality knitting needles and notions, which led her to search for the perfect stitch markers. When she couldn’t find them, she decided to make her own and the Heather Honey Store was born. The name of the shop, Heather Honey Store, is inspired by a favourite poem Heather Ale: A Galloway Legend.

Created to be little treasures, like jewellery, each stitch marker is made with the care and attention given to a pair of precious earrings, from the beginning of their creation right through to the packaging. Available from the Heather Honey Store Etsy Shop, prices start at €6 for a set of 4 stitch markers, plus shipping.

Heather Honey Store stitch markers are the first product Sonya has launched in her new shop, but she is currently working on several more.  Keep up to date with what she has in store by following her on Instagram @heather.honey.store

As a special treat, Olann and readers can use the coupon code OLANNAND when checking out to receive a 10% discount on purchases until the end of 2018.

JayneyMac – Blue Tit Earrings


We’ve had our eyes on JayneMac’s earrings for some time now, so we’re thrilled to be able to include them in this issue. Having recently moved back home to Cork after living and working in the UK, Jayne began designing and creating greetings cards to give to friends and family. This created the seed from which the JayneMac Estsy Shop grew and now Jayne creates and sells an assortment of products including earrings, brooches, pins, necklaces and of course, greetings cards.  She also makes badges and pocket mirrors, ideal for groups and parties.

Fitting her creative work in and around her full-time job as mother to her two children Jayne takes her inspiration from her cats, animals and birds to create her designs.

The Blue Tit Earrings are made from shrink plastic so they are light and easy to wear. With lovely little details on them, the JayneyMac earrings are something fun and a little bit different. Each pair comes on a printed backing card and are posted in a little box to protect them.

Earrings start at €7.95 plus shipping from the JayneMac Etsy Shop, where you’ll also find Jayne’s other products including the matching Blu Tit Brooch.  You can keep up with all things JayneyMac via Instagram @jayneymacs and on Facebook  www.facebook.com/jayneymacs

Berry Mousse Zipper Pouch/Bag


We initially spotted Elina’s cute felt cacti, but then we noticed her handmade zipper bags and immediately thought ‘notion pouch’, as you do when you’re obsessed with all things woolly.

Elina, the maker behind Berry Mousse, has always sewn, in fact, she can’t ever remember a time when she hasn’t sewn.  Her creative dad made dresses for her and her dolls and then taught Elina the basics, which she built on while working for a textile artist for five years. Following a move to Ireland, Elina decided it was time to set up her own business and combined her creative drive to sew and make with her love of bags and quirky items.

A pouch with a zip can be used for so many purposes, some people see a make-up bag, others a purse, then there’s those who see a pencil case, and if you’re like us, a notions pouch or small project bag (socks anyone?).

Taking inspiration from everything around her, Elina confesses to being a bit of a fabric junkie. She told us that there’s no such thing as a quick visit to a fabric store, where she shops for her current favourites – leather, faux leather, cotton and felts.

Her small zipper purses are available from the Berry Mouse Etsy Shop. Prices for Elina’s purses vary depending on the fabrics they are made with and range from €10 to €20 plus shipping.  Elina is happy to discuss working on custom orders and intends to add larger bags and totes to her shop in the future.

Stay in touch with Berry Mousse via Instagram @elis_elna

Rosie’s Rags – Embroidery Kit


Embroidery is enjoying somewhat of a revival and it’s great to see an Irish based maker creating and selling originally-designed kits. Sarah Bracken of Rosie’s Rags is a Dublin-based artist, designer and educator, working in animation, embroidery, street art, zines and printmaking.

With a background in artistic event management, she founded and ran the Dublin Zine Fair for 5 years to help grow a creative community around independent DIY publishing in Ireland. Sarah is a lecturer in graphic design at Dublin Institute of Design and also teaches art at second level. Through Rosie’s Rags Sarah sells her embroidery and loves seeing people from all over the world creating and displaying her designs in their homes.

The kits include everything you need to create your embroidery including a 6” embroidery frame, 100% cotton with the design printed on it, 2 needles, thread and comprehensive instructions, all packaged in a cardboard box tied with string, which creates a vintage feel to everything.  Sarah has produced a wealth of different designs all available from the Rosie’s Rags Crafts Etsy Shop. There’s something to appeal to everyone, and prices start at €15, plus shipping

Rosie’s Rags has also led Sarah to write craft tutorials for magazines in the US and UK. Her most recent project is Rad Totes & Pins a new project mixing art, activism, ethics and awareness. Sarah has given herself one year to create 6 unique handprinted tote bags and 6 enamel pins. Each tote and pin will raise money and awareness for an important cause. The first cause for Rad totes and pins was the recent repeal the 8th campaign. See all of Sarah’s work on her website: www.brackensarah.com and follow her creative journey on Instagram: @sarah_bracken_art

Pony & Groove Knitting Needles


It’s easy to think that there isn’t much more that can be done to improve the humble knitting needle, but it appears that manufacturers are still coming up with new ideas.

Groove Needles are an innovative product created by the collaborative team of well-known needle manufacturer Pony and the company Groove. Made from high quality aluminium, which is then anodised, the needles have been designed to prevent stitches from falling off.

The knitting pins are currently available in 35mm straights, but in time the range will be expanded.  One of each pair of needles has a screw-on tip, which can be opened to catch the topmost stitch.  Closing this gap, effectively traps the stitch and in doing so prevents the knitting from slipping off your needles.

On the set we were sent, it is possible to feel a slight ridge where the tip and the needle join, but it is lower down on the needle to where most knitters would rest their fingers, so it shouldn’t cause any issues while knitting.

The needles are available in a variety of different colours; Rose, Gold, Copper, Green, Blue and Yellow; however they have not been graded (like the KnitPro Zings) and so it is possible to choose your favourite colour for each size.

The Groove needles are being distributed in the UK and Ireland by Viridian Yarns and you can find out more about them here.  We will put the pair we’ve received through a few tests and return with a more in depth look at them later.

Neantog Hand Cream


Neantóg (the Irish word for nettles) is hand produced by Una Lambert and The Irish Nettle Company at the foothills of the Wicklow mountains. Natural nettle based products have been traditionally used since medieval times for nourishment and to promote self-healing/stimulate the body to heal itself and today they are highly regarded by herbalists and medical practitioners.

Una choses all her ingredients for their unique properties and the benefits they bring to her recipes. She sources all ingredients from trusted suppliers with ethical and fair-trade policies in place. She incorporates high quality, natural and organic oils including Evening Primrose Oil, Jojoba Oil and Rosehip Oil along with essential oils, butters, Allantoin and Aloe Vera and combines them with infusions of the whole nettle plant, which is harvested by hand in our surrounding wild, unspoiled countryside.

The Irish Nettle Company has a wide range of products including a scented and unscented hand cream, facial moisturiser and facial serum, ladies aftershave/post waxing balm, lip balm and a midge deterrent. Una has also created a range of moisturisers and hand creams for men. Prices range from €3.50 for the lip balms to €24 for the facial serums.

You can shop for Neantog products on www.neantog.ie and catch up with all product news on Facebook.