Podcast Reviews

Podcast Reviews

We highlight some of our favourite knitting and crafty podcasts


We’ve been fans of the Dunkelgrün Podcast since Anna uploaded her first episode in February of this year.

Originally from Austria, Anna has been living in Zurich, Switzerland for the past 10 years, having moved there to study chemistry.  A keen crafter, Anna spins, dyes, sews and knits. Her podcast provides her with a platform to connect with other makers and share her projects with them.

The podcast takes its name from the German for dark green, which is Anna’s favourite colour.  Five minutes into any episode and it becomes obvious that Anna loves to create with colour, all colours.  Whether it’s her knee high multi-coloured socks that she showed us in her first episode, or her hand-dyed patchwork curtain in episode eight, there is always lots of lovely colour packed into each episode.

Anna is a keen natural dyer and generously shares her exploits with us in her podcast.  The subsequent gorgeous yarns are available from her recently opened Etsy shop. At the time of writing this review Anna had 11 episodes of her podcast available on YouTube and we’re eagerly waiting for number 12.

Podcast notes to accompany each episode are posted onto Anna’s website and you can stay in touch with all things Dunkelgrün via Instagram and/or the Ravelry Group.

Oh, we nearly forgot to mention that Anna has several knitting designs available on Ravelry too. Her Sunray Shawl, which is free to download, is her most popular pattern.


Chrissie Crafts is a podcast that focuses on crochet and embroidery, plus some handy tips and tricks around the house. Chrissie’s motto is ‘Life is one big WIP’, and we get to see all of her WIPs in nice, bite-sized videos of around 20 minutes. The podcast has three sections: what’s on my hook, what’s on my hoop and what’s new around the house.

Chrissie is a wonderful crocheter and we get to see some amazing projects on her hook. As a rank amateur crocheter I have been inspired by Chrissie’s crocheting, seeing what is possible and the lovely designs that are out there for crocheting. But it’s her embroidery that shines the most for me: she knocks up some lovely projects, including stitch alongs where she offers detailed instructions to viewers.

One of the things we love about Chrissie’s podcasts is the nifty little tips she comes up with: like using an empty tissue box as a yarn bowl and cookie cutters for embroidery shapes. We love her wry sense of humour and down to earth approach to projects and project fails!

Chrissie’s podcast can be found on YouTube.


Bernie might be more well known to you as the indie dyer, Bear in Sheep’s Clothing, from Belfast.  In fact, we featured one of their yarns in our last issue and Lora mentioned them in episode seventeen of our podcast.

In the podcast she combines forces with her hubby Derek, who is a newbie knitter himself.  The episodes are short and sweet, but are an absolute delight to watch. They  begin with a ‘what are ye drinking’ and include all the usual bits and bobs we love to see including FOs and WIPs.  We’re usually treated to an Etsy shop preview as well, which provides an excellent opportunity to find out which yarns they have available.  To be perfectly honest though, the couple could be reading the McDonalds menu and with that accent it wouldn’t matter.

The couple launched their first Knit-a-long together with Emma from Woolly Mammoth Fibres in mid-August. If you’re lucky enough to be attending the Nottingham Yarn Expo you’ll be able to see Bear in Sheep’s Clothing yarns in person and say hello to Bernie and Derek.  In the meantime, why not stay in touch via Instagram and Ravelry?


We discovered Fran Rushworth’s blog a couple of years ago now and Lora would dip in and out when she had the time.  However, it was only when Lora’s friend contacted her via Ravelry in December 2016 to ask if she’d seen the Natural Dyeing Calendar that Fran had created that we put two and two together.  Naturally, Lora bought a copy of the calendar and we have since become a dedicated follower of Fran’s blog.

If you’re a spinner or are fascinated by natural dyes, there’s every chance you’ve already discovered Fran’s blog.  Perhaps you also know her as an active member of the Ravelry community, with the Ravatar Sanmarzano?

Based in Wales, Fran first started dyeing with plants in Summer 2012 and spinning later that Winter.  In 2013 she decided to begin recording her journey on her blog and as a result, it has become a fantastic resource.  Through Fran’s documented journey, there is a wealth of information, hints, tips and designs. In 2014, Elinor Gotland joined Fran on her blog and can usually be found drinking tea and ‘helping out’ in most of Fran’s posts.

Fran has self-published a book called Dye Plants, which is available to purchase in print form or as a downloadable PDF from her blog.  You’ll also find her designs for handspun yarn on Ravelry.