Podcast Reviews

Podcast Reviews

We highlight some of our favourite knitting and crafty podcasts

Best Day Ever! Crafting Podcast YouTube

Inspired by many of the podcasters and their podcasts that she enjoys watching, Trisha launched her Best Day Ever! Crafting Podcast earlier this year in the Spring and tries to upload a new episode on a three weekly/monthly schedule.

Living just outside Washington DC, with her husband and two sons, Trisha is a self-confessed lover of crafting, particularly knitting, crochet, garment sewing and quilting.  She also enjoys cooking and is currently working on cultivating a green thumb as she gets to grips with gardening.

Filmed in her craft room every third or fourth week, Trisha’s podcasting style is lovely and relaxed.  Her enthusiasm for the things she makes and the people she meets warmth shines right through the screen and her voice is so soothing.  Each episode genuinely feels like your sitting in the room with Trisha, having a conversation about making all the things.  It’s always a delight to see what projects she’s working on or has completed.

Show notes for the earlier episodes can be found directly beneath each episode on YouTube and more recently you can find them on Trisha’s blog in the Best Day Ever! Crafting Podcast Ravelry Group, where you can chat with other Trisha and her other viewers.

You’ll find Trisha on Ravelry and Instagram as TyedyeDiva where you can see more of her fabulous creations.

The Victorian Studio Podcast YouTube

Maureen uploaded the first episode of The Victorian Studio Podcast at the beginning of June 2015 and as you might expect is a complete podcast natural.

A multi-crafter living in Winnipeg, Manitoba in Canada, Maureen is a very busy lady, an artist with a love of knitting, dyeing, spinning and sewing. Maureen also enjoys sculpting, which is evident in the amazing little progress keepers and stitch markers she sells in her Etsy Shop.

Episodes are filmed in Maureen’s craft room, which was originally her daughter’s bedroom before she moved out and is now home to all of Maureen’s craft supplies.  Many of which are housed in beautiful antique drawers, cupboards and cases.  It this love and appreciation for Victorian Antiques which reflects in Maureen’s choice of name for her podcast.

Each Episode of The Victorian Studio Podcast is fabulous, Maureen has a lovely calm voice and is very easy to watch.  We thoroughly enjoy seeing the many different items Maureen makes and find each episode inspiring.  A self-confessed Sci-fi and fantasy fan, Maureen is particularly fond of Star Wars and Harry Potter.  At the beginning of 2017, Maureen launched her Harry Potter KAL, which proved so popular that it is now in its second year.  The KAL includes challenges, activities and giveaways and Maureen encourages you to double dip with your projects, entering them in as many KAL’s as applicable.  If you’re as obsessed as Maureen and we know quite a few of you who are, you’ve loads of time to join in still.

You’ll find Maureen on Ravelry as VictorianStudio and on Instagram it’s @victorian_studio

Mischief Maker Podcast YouTube

Jade Prosser is a well-known yarn dyer, project bag maker, quilter and sewist with an incredible 13K followers on Instagram.  She lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, with her hubby and 4 gorgeous children, one of who, Skylar, a maker like her mum, has her own segment in the podcast.

It’s easy to see why Jade has amassed such a huge Instagram following, her feed is choc-a-bloc full of colour and projects and her podcast episodes are the same.  Having blogged about her crafty endeavours since 2013, Jade has been looking forward to starting her own podcast and loaded up her first episode on 31st July this year.

Jade is a wonderful knitterly companion to have on whilst working away on your current project.  As a multi-crafter Jade always has lots of different projects on the go and we’re usually treated to a look at her knitting, sewing and/or quilting.

Each episode is filmed in her craft room/studio/homeschooling classroom which is so bright and full of colour we think it’ll have you turning slightly green with envy.  We guarantee you’ll be watching Jade, but occasionally your eyes will be drawn to the stacks of pretty quilting fabric, mini quilt display or colourful zip display.

Jade’s warm gentle voice, gorgeous projects and colourful background will keep you so occupied, that you’ll be surprised when each episode draws to an end.  You might also realise that you’d forgotten to make a note of that shawl design you liked or that yarn, but you’ll be able to find them all listed in the episode notes on the Ravelry Mischief Maker Podcast Group.  You can find Jade as stitchmischief on Ravelry and Instagram.