Podcast Reviews

Podcast Reviews

We highlight some of our favourite knitting and crafty podcasts

Fiber Tales Podcast – YouTube

Lærke the host of Fiber Tales Podcast describes herself as a knitwear designer, creative being, Mom, knitter, maker, language lover and podcaster.  She lives in Fyn, Denmark with her partner and their daughter and will soon be joined by their second child.

Lærke was born into a family of makers, traditionally the women of her family all knitted and Lærke was taught by her Grandmother.  Her parents own an organic farm where they rear Gotland Sheep, the wool from which Lærke has been getting processed into yarn.  The yarn looks beautiful and is available from her Etsy Shop.  You have to be quick though as no sooner is it listed than it’s all gone.

A talented designer Lærke, often shares her latest creations with us on the podcast.  Like all our favourite knitting podcasters, Lærke also includes a look at her finished objects, current projects and purchases.  She has a lovely sweet podcasting style and is a pleasure to watch.  Despite English not being her first language, her understanding and conversational use are impeccable.

Podcast notes can be found on YouTube under each episode and there is also Ravelry Group, where you can talk all things Fiber Tales.  At the moment Lærke is hosting the #tinyknitskal on Ravelry and Instagram, which will be running for a little while longer if you fancy taking part.

Keep up-to-date with Lærke where you’ll find her as @Fibertales

Dandelion Dreams Podcast – YouTube

Julia lives on a farm in Oregon with her husband and two daughters, where they raise Polypay Sheep and goats.  She was inspired to start her own podcast because of the kindness of the knitting community and wanted to put herself out there and join in the fun.

The podcast is a mixture of knitting, farming and family chit chat and there’s usually a little bit of everything in every episode.  It’s been interesting listening to Julia talk about life on the farm, the highs and the lows. At the moment the couple seems to have their hand’s full juggling their family, the farm and her husband’s construction business.  Eventually, though Julia would like to be able to process and utilize much of their own wool.

For knitters, Dandelion Dreams includes all the knitterly goodness we’ve come to expect like works in progress, finished objects and stash enhancements. As with all the podcasts we watch, half the fun is seeing what other makers have on the go.

Julia has a warm friendly style and she doesn’t pretend to be an expert, she just genuinely enjoys knitting and learning more about the craft.

Find Julia on Instagram as @dandeliondreamspodcast

Selvage Knits – YouTube

Kat and Samm launched Selvage Knits in the Summer earlier this year. Both ladies are first and foremost knitters, but they’re also fond of many other crafts like Macramé and Cake Decorating.

Working together as Sign Language Interpreters the duo have been ruminating on the idea of launching Selvage for a while now and decided they should go for it.

Unlike many knitters, Samm taught herself to knit using books and YouTube about ten years ago and then a couple of years later, she taught Kat. Since then, their hobby has become a shared passion/obsession.

For Kat and Samm, Selvage came out of a desire to share what inspires them as well as the traditions and roots of the fibre arts.  Their podcast episodes are fun and informative and as a viewer, you can tell what good friends they are because of how relaxed they are in each other’s company.

Episodes include all the regular knitting podcast favourites as well as a segment called ‘How to Style Your Knitwear’ where Kat and Samm talk about how they wear their knitted garments.

The podcast is one part of Selvage Knits, other resources include video tutorials, a blog and interviews with other knitterly folks, all of which can be found on the Selvage Knits Website.  Show notes for each episode can be found on the Selvage Knits Blog and include links to all the items the ladies discuss.

Follow Selvage Knit on Instagram and/or Twitter, where you can find the duo as @selvageknits