Podcast Reviews

Podcast Reviews

We highlight some of our favourite knitting and crafty podcasts

The host of the Knitography Vlog, Patricia Anne lives on a small farm in the middle of Norway.  Her videos are a little different to most other standard knitting podcasts with the Knitography Vlogs encompassing Patricia’s love of knitting, geography and photography.

Patricia is an American from Dallas, Texas and has lived in Norway for over 20 years.  She teaches first grade and generously shares her love of all things Norwegian with us in her vlogs.

Varying in length from 15 minutes to close on an hour long, Patricia’s episodes are packed with content and are always interesting.  Knitting always features, but don’t expect to see lots of woolly purchases or the usual yarnporn.  Instead, you’re more likely to be taken on a walk around one of Patricia’s favourite places and learn more about Norway.

Filming since January 2017, Patricia is a wealth of information. Much of last year’s vlogs included references to the book Selbuvotter: 500 Handknit Mittens, which is only available in Norwegian.  Encouraging as many of us as possible to purchase the book, because the charts are easy to follow regardless of whether you speak Norwegian, Patricia goes above and beyond to explain the historical content included in the book, even taking us to see some of the places mentioned in the book.  It’s an amazing way to discover the history of the Selbu Mittens and through Patricia’s vlogs the book becomes much more accessible.

Through the Knitography Vlog, Patricia introduces us to some of the customs in her local town and she even teaches us some basic, knitting-related Norwegian (to help with those Norwegians patterns).  We get to lust over Patricia’s latest works in progress or finished objects and we’ve met her daughter Emma Grace, who is also a beautiful knitter.

In addition to all of this content, Patricia updates us on her project to bring her sheep home.  Currently, they live on a co-operative farm while everything is being put into place to house them.

Most recently, Patricia has begun to handcraft beautiful sock and mitten blockers to raise funds for her projects.  She is also taking us through another Norwegian language mitten book, Eventyrvotter – Mittens from the Fairy Forrest.  Find out more about the blockers and the Eventyrvotter book over on Patricia’s Knitography Website.

We could keep chatting about Patricia for ages, but instead we suggest you pop over to her YouTube Channel and follow her on Instagram or Ravelry to see for yourself.

Living with her husband and two sons in Michigan Rachel is the lovely, warm, upbeat host of the Treehouse Knits Podcast.  Filming since September 2016, Rachel’s episodes include a variety of different sections.

While we’re regularly treated to finished objects, works in progress and a little stash enhancement, Rachel often includes knitting techniques, handy tips and gadgets.  Fascinated by the different breeds of sheep, Rachel also speaks about a particular breed in several of her videos.

A keen knitter, Rachel teaches locally and has created several designs which are available on Ravelry. Her style is very friendly and her enthusiasm for knitting jumps out of the screen.

Podcast notes are available on the Treehouse Knits website and Rachel opens up a discussion thread for each episode in her Ravelry Group, where viewers can chat about what they’ve seen.  In addition to her podcast, Rachel has also recorded a couple of knitting tutorials which can also be found on her channel.

You can find Rachel on Instagram and Ravelry and there is also a Treehouse Knits Facebook Page.

New to the world of YouTube knitting podcasts Nina uploaded her first episode in January of this year.  Originally from Germany, Nina moved to Sweden with her family when she was 15 years old.

The Fox&theSheeps Podcast is about knitting, natural dyeing, spinning and woodcarving Nostepinnes.  At the time of writing this review there were only three episodes up on YouTube, but we’re eagerly awaiting the next.

Nina’s creativity can be seen in everything she does. Having purchased a spinning wheel in 2017, she is currently spinning Gotland Lamb’s Wool to create enough yarn to knit a sweater.  Her knitting is beautiful, and she has recently published her first design on Ravelry.  The Moonlight Traveller Mitts are beautiful and serve as a wonderful way of showcasing Nina’s naturally dyed yarn.  Kits for the mitts are available in Nina’s Etsy Shop, which is where you’ll also find her beautiful hand carved Nostepinnes, if you’re lucky enough to catch one. They’re so sought after that they sell out almost immediately after being listed.

It’s early days for The Fox&theSheeps Podcast but that means you won’t have too many episodes to catch up on.  Nina is on Instagram and Ravelry and has also set up a Ravelry Group to accompany the podcast episodes.