Podcast Reviews

Podcast Reviews

We highlight some of our favourite knitting and crafty podcasts

Tea & Possibilities – YouTube

Based in London, Nikki, the host of the Tea & Possibilities podcast uploads a new episode approximately every other week. Describing herself a thirty-something knitter, reader, blogger and podcaster, she is also a self-confessed Harry Potter fan. Nikki’s podcast style is upbeat and friendly and because she’s been recording for almost two years now, she comes across as being very relaxed and confident in front of the camera.

Each episode includes all the items we’ve come to expect including FOs, WIPs and occasional stash enhancements. There’s also a lovely section called Knit & Knatter. It’s a lovely chatty part of each episode, where Nikki discusses anything and everything, including things she’s doing, somewhere she’s going, personal thoughts on a certain topic or, as in one of her recent episodes, her future sewing plans.

Podcast notes are available on Nikki’s blog thepossibilityengine.blogspot.com and there is a Ravelry Group where subscribers can interact and discuss ongoing KALs and shared interests. Stay up-to-date with Nikki on Instagram as @Hippy_nikki

Tog & Thel Audio Podcast – StitcherAndroid

Do you love a particular fibre so much that you’d consider only working with it and nothing else for a whole year?  Well, this is exactly the challenge Daki (pronounced Ducky), the host of the Tog and Thel Podcast will be doing.

Daki intends to knit exclusively with yarn from primitive double-coated breeds of sheep. Through her podcast, Daki will explore the symbiotic nature between the sheep, the people and the land of Iceland.

Inspired by her love of other podcasts, The Electric Sheep and A Playful Day, Daki decided to launch her own podcast earlier this year in March, to coincide with her personal design project. Finding her creativity blossoms when given self-imposed restrictions and restraints, Daki has set herself the task of spending a year knitting an original, self-designed collection of sweaters in yarn sourced only from Icelandic sheep. To complement this, she will also create a collection of accessories knitted in yarn spun from other dual-coated sheep found in different parts of Scandinavia.

Through her project, Daki is taking the time to get to know all the different aspects of the wool, from the qualities of the fibre to the stories from the people who raise these sheep and those who spin and knit with the wool.

Daki has a very easy style and her voice has a lovely melodious quality. Her episodes to date have been incredibly interesting: our favourites so far have been Episode 2 with Larka and Episode 5 where Daki is in conversation with Hulda Brynjólfsdóttir’s who, along with her husband, is the owner of Uppspuni Mill.

Show notes and the podcast can be found on the website aduckingknits.com and you can keep up to date with Daki on Instagram as @ducklingknits

Not Quite Enough Yarn Podcast – YouTube

Confession time, we’ve been enjoying Lesley’s podcast so much that we’re guilty of telling fellow yarny people about it before now.

New to podcasting, Lesley records throughout the month, edits it all together and loads her episodes up on a monthly basis. Her podcasting style is, in our opinion, fantastic. Informative with a giant helping of sarcasm, her sense of humour is very similar to ours which causes quite a few laugh out loud moments.

Having noticed her yarn stash had received several recent unwelcome visitors (moths), Lesley has decided to try and work her way through it.  In her endeavour to do so, she has vowed not to purchase any yarn (gifts are an exception to the rule of course); the only problem is that Lesley very rarely has enough yarn to finish a project – hence the podcast name.

There are WIPs, FOs and lots of ideas, and what comes across most is a sense of fun. We refuse to tell you anything else, instead, we insist that you grab a cup of something, your latest project and go and watch the podcast yourself. Warning – we accept no responsibility if you happen to choke on a mouthful of said beverage and then launch it all over your WIP.

Find Lesley on Instagram as @knittingordeath and on Ravelry as LahLah