Podcast Reviews

Podcast Reviews

We highlight some of our favourite knitting and crafty podcasts

Grace O’Neil is the Limerick lady podcasting for over a year who describes herself as being addicted to travelling and knitting.  With a background in art, printmaking and bookbinding, an interest in fibre crafts soon developed.  Grace learned to knit and crochet as a child, and began crocheting gifts for lots of her friends and work colleagues. Searches for patterns on Pinterest, led Grace to discover that her friend Mina Phillip had her own YouTube channel, where she uploaded episodes on her knitting podcast.  Grace became hooked (literally) and binge watched 34 episodes, while crocheting like a machine.

Having recently celebrated reaching over 2,000 subscribers to her podcast, Grace’s style is cheerful and light hearted.  She has a great sense of fun and doesn’t take herself too seriously.  We’re often treated to tales of her travels and the episodes include WIPs, FOs, stash enhancements and other fun things.

Her love of yarn has led to Grace creating her own hand-dyed yarn, which is available form her Etsy Shop.  We have reviewed one of the luscious skeins here in this issue.  She will also be hosting her first knitting retreat in County Tipperary (tickets have all sold out).

Episode show notes can be found in the Babbles Travelling Yarns Ravelry Group  and you find Grace on Instagram.

Podcasting about her love of knitting since September 2016, Eli describes herself as a Norwegian living and knitting in London, while doing her PHD in Psychology.

Eli is a big fan of traditional knitting and a massive champion of yarn from her homeland, where she tells us yarn is cheaper than most other things.  A prolific knitter, Eli, like many of us, rarely works on just the one product.  Her passion for colourwork projects is inspirational and we’re sure the increased popularity of the Marius design from Sadnes Design is largely down to her.

Even if you’ve never seen an episode of the Skeindeer Knits Podcast, there’s every chance you’ll have seen or heard of her Selbu Mittens design, which is everywhere.  Everyone has or is making them, including Lora.  Eli created the design in order to teach a colourwork mittens workshop at her local yarn shop.  Unlike many of the ‘traditional’ Norwegian mitten patterns available, her Selbu Mittens are knitted using a double-knit weight yarn which makes them quicker to knit than their 4ply/fingering counterparts.

The podcast follows the usual format of most knitting/crochet ones and includes WIPs, FOs, stash enhancements and any designs she is currently working on.  Happily the popularity of Eli’s first mitten design has encouraged her to create more and her Ravelry Design page has lots of lovelies to choose from.

Eli has hosted several knitalongs to date, most notably the Damejakka Loppa/Flea Cardigan, designed by Pinneguri, which she co-hosted with Kristin of Vollenvine Yarns.  As a fan of ‘rustic yarns’ ourselves, we have discovered several new-to-us brands via the Skeindeer Knits Podcast.  We also love experiencing Norway through Eli’s vlogs when she returns home and we were particularly interested in her opinion of both the Oslo and Bergen Yarn Festivals.

Eli’s recording schedule isn’t fixed, with episodes being uploaded every two to three weeks.  Past episodes have included a look at some of the lovely garments and mitts Eli has made, some of her favourite books, and we’ve also been treated to a good look at her yarn stash.

There is a Skeindeer Knits Ravelry Group where you’ll find all of the episode show notes and you can find Eli on Instagram and Twitter.

Canadian, crafting friends Kate and Lindsey, from the She Can Make audio podcast, are the perfect ladies to keep you company while you craft.

They describe themselves as a couple of geeky Canadians, and these ladies have a lovely relaxed podcasting style.  Each episode is jam packed with content, and depending on what they’ve been up to, can include a review or two, news on ongoing projects, alterations and all the other items you might expect to hear about in a crafting podcast.  To quote the ladies themselves, ‘it’s Canadian content, one stitch at a time’.

Kate is a knitter and spinner and while Lindsey enjoys trying lots of different crafts, she spends most of her making time sewing or knitting.  Lindsey also spends time crafting with her young daughter and we’re treated to a regular update of what the pair get up to in the Crafting with Kids section of the podcast.

Show notes can often be more important with an audio crafting podcast and the ladies upload detailed ones onto the shecanmakelibsyn.com website.  They’re also available in the She Can Make Ravelry Group.  If you’d like to stay in touch with the She Can Makes ladies, they have a Facebook Page and are also on Instagram.


Gather Victoria is a veritable compendium of recipes and knowledge about foraging and wild herbs. The blog is the brainchild of Danielle Prohom Olson and Jennifer Aikmann who are both wild food enthusiasts. The beauty of the blog, aside from its intriguing subject matter, is that it harks back to a time gone by, where wild food was the only food, and these herbs, flowers, berries and vegetables were staples in everyday recipes.

We absolutely love the variety of recipes in this blog and the photography is simply stunning. And because Gather Victoria is based on available wild food, all recipes are eminently seasonal, from ‘Delectable Dandelion Root Treats’ to ‘Rosemary and Lavender Lemon Curd Tassies’. The blog also tries to educate the reader about wild food foraging with informative histories and explanations. In short, it’s a super resource for any budding (pun intended!) foragers out there.

You can also catch up with Gather Victoria on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.


This is a little out of left field but we wanted to share podcasts and blogs that we like that aren’t necessarily fibre related. There is literally no link we could come up with between murder and knitting so we stopped trying.

The tagline for the My Favourite Murder podcast is “stay sexy, don’t get murdered” and it’s this tongue in cheek, dead pan (see what we did there) approach to serial killers that makes us love this podcast so much. The podcast is hosted by Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark. Karen is a stand-up comedian and television writer and Georgia is a writer and host for the Cooking Channel; you can totally hear their pedigree coming through in the podcast. Look, the podcast is about serial killers and famous murders mainly in the US, so it might sound ridiculous to call it hilarious, but it is.

In each episode, Karen and Georgia sum up their favourite murder, and also divulge practical tips to help listeners avoid being murdered. It’s irreverent, gruesome, obsessive and it’s also real, funny and honest. We’re now at almost 150 episodes, which is great news for those of us who have only discovered this gem of a podcast. The pair have also taken their podcast on the road and they perform live shows all around the world, including a couple of dates in Dublin in May 2018 (you might just see us there!). Stay sexy everyone.

Listen to My Favourite Murder on iTunes