Easy Ribbon Christmas Tree Decoration

Easy Ribbon Christmas Tree Decoration

This quick and easy ribbon Christmas tree decoration is the perfect last-minute make


To make your Ribbon Christmas Tree you will need:

  • Twigs – with all the leaves and smaller branches removed
  • Scissors
  • Assorted ribbons none of them have to be very long, just enough to be able to tie a knot
  • Glue gun
  • Wooden star button or something similar


Trim your twig to your preferred size.

Working at least a centimetre up from the bottom, take a length of ribbon and place it over your twig.

Wrap each side from front to back.

Your ribbon ends will now be on the opposite sides.

Knot in place.

Continue wrapping and knotting different lengths of ribbon up the length of the twig.  Remembering to leave enough space at the top for your star.

Keep your knots all on the one side.

When your twig is covered, trim the ribbon diagonally so it resembles a Christmas Tree.

Tip – You might find it helps your ribbon sit better if you iron it flat.  To avoid scorching, place a damp cloth over the ribbons first.

Cut a short piece of ribbon, enough to create a tab to hang your decoration and attach this to the back of your tree with the hot glue.

Once the glue has set, turn your tree over and attach the star button to the top of your tree.


If you fancy making your garland smell nice too why not use a cinnamon stick instead of the twig!