Yarn Review – Wendy Anaphora

We take a look at a new colourful 4-ply yarn from the folks at Thomas B Ramsden. Wendy Anaphora is a vibrant new range that bursts with colour and interest.

First, let’s talk about the colour we received to review. When I first saw the punk pink and turquoise with the shades of darker violet in between I’m pretty certain I “ooohed”. This was right up my street. The shade is called Hockney and is presumably named after renowned artist David Hockney. Having taken a look through some of his work I noticed instances of these shades throughout. Look at Garden, 2015 for example.

Holly Berry Yarn

Anyway, I digress (any chance to browse art!). Let’s go through some of the basics of the yarn:

Weight: 150g

Meterage: 600m/657 y

Fibre: 50% cotton and 50% acrylic

Recommended needles: 3.24mm (US 3)

Tension: 28sts x 36 rows over 10cm

There are four different shades available all equally as vibrant. As I’ve already gushed, I’m knitting with the Hockney shade. The other three are also named after famous artists: Degas, Mondrian and Gauguin.

wendy wash knit

The interesting thing about the yarn is that it’s made up of 4 individual strands. In the Hockney shade the four strands are made up of three turquoise and one pink. The yarn has the same start and end colour but in between you get a mirror-image of vibrant colours which creates what Thomas B Ramsden is calling a butterfly effect.

wendy wash knit

Thanks to the fibre makeup, the yarn is super soft and has a lovely drape to it. Usually I’m not crazy about yarn with individual strands as they can often be fiddly to knit with, but I haven’t had that issue with Anaphora. The four strands tend to stick close with each other and the resulting look is quite varied; in my case, the pink pops out nicely in between the wash of turquoise.

wendy wash knit

On the ball band there are two free patterns: one crochet and one knitting. I cast on the knitting pattern, a scarf, with a simple lace design. As you can see it’s knitting up quite nicely but, and I’m sure some of you will understand, it’s not a design for bringing to knitting group. Too much chat and laughs and I kept forgetting where I was in the pattern. This is one scarf I will be knitting at home, on my own, with zero distractions!